Christie Wilson is a writer living in Illinois. Read her stories and poems by clicking on the titles below: 


How You Spend Your Weekends” and“Evaporation Is the Drying I Like Best” in Pidgeonholes

“Heisenberg and Bohr” in Spectral Lines: Poems about Scientists (order here)

"Special Relativity" in Atticus Review

"Solvay 1927"in New World Writing

"A Fine Specimen" in apt

"Open Doors Can Lead to Closed Spaces" in CHEAP POP

"Inside" in Literary Orphans

"Kirkwood Gaps" in Driftwood Press 3.3 (poem page 50-51, interview page 52-53, click add to cart to buy physical copy) Click here to read a review of the issue in The Review Review

"Free-for-All" in Memoir Mixtapes Vol. 2

"No New Negotiations"in Bending Genres

The Satellite Is Beautiful" in gravel

"Lucinda" in The Cabinet of Heed (Science Fiction edition)

"And" in Wyvern Lit

"Obsidian" in Rivet Journal

"Summer Reading" in Referential Magazine

"The New Place" in Milk Journal

"The Fisherman" in The Gravity of the Thing

"Untitled Six" and "Working Lunch" in Vine Leaves Literary Journal (order here)

“Nell,”“Glass Boxes Make Good Houses,” and “Map to Change” forthcoming in The Wyoming Project (check it out here)